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The Lithuanian Cattle Breeders Association officially started its Herd book keeping activity on 1 January 2003. Until now only Holstein breed cattle is registered. The pedigree certificates are issued and given to cattle breeders according the data registered in the Herd book. All the cattle of the members of the association are recorded in the Herd book following the legal requirements of the Herd book keeping in Lithuania.

The Herd book is divided into categories A, B, C and an additional register, which shows the completeness of pedigree. The category in the Herd book partly determines the state subsidy, which a farmer gets when he sells pedigree cattle.

The Milk Recording Services and the National Computing Centre collect and maintai data of the cattle, and provide it to the association twice a year.

Any mistake found in pedigree data is reported by the association to the National Computing Centre and corrected there.

Herdbook DB administrator Rasa Petraskiene:  Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo Spam'o, jums reikia įjungti Javaskriptą, kad matytumėte tai